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30.5.2016 : 4:54 : +0200

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Be part of the first conference even if you have missed it

All presentations and panel discussions have been recorded and can be downloaded as video streams.

Click on Speakers, Panel Discussion or Schedule and start video.

The conference dealt with the latest technology of audio frequency induction loop systems (AFILS), including future developments. It was aimed at technical / accessibility committees of hard of hearing and CI organizations, disability organizations, installers of loops, hearing aid providers, the hearing aid and cochlear implant industry, manufacturers of assistive listening devices, as well as interested hard of hearing people or people with cochlear implants.

Breaking News:

28.09.09 21:52

Video recordings are online now

The video recordings of all presentations as well as the panel discussions are online now. Click on...

28.09.09 08:42

Resolution and Discussion Paper

The document is available now on the 'Downloads' page.

27.09.09 23:16

Documentation of Hearing Loops 2009 Conference

The documentation is available now on this website.

29.04.09 17:16

Hearing Loops Presentation

Presentation at the EFHOH Annual General Meeting

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